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We provide BMW low mileage, second hand engines in UK using quality and genuine BMW parts.

BMW Specialist

We specialise in BMW engines for all BMW series and models

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We are professionals with 25+ years of expertise in BMW engines

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Our services come with 1-year warranty and after-sales support

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Provide affordable prices on engine repairs in UK

BMW Specialist

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Looking for a reliable BMW engine? You’ve come to the right place. Engine performance is important whether the car is for daily use or a lifestyle companion. At Engine Build LTD, we specialise in offering supply and fit services along with high-quality BMW engines. Remanufactured BMW engines and used BMW engines for sale in the UK are among our offerings. We can help you whether you need an engine rebuild or a full replacement.

BMW petrol and diesel engines are both available in our inventory. To guarantee optimal performance, we thoroughly inspect every engine in our inventory. We exclusively utilise original BMW components to ensure the highest calibre for your car. We provide BMW diesel and petrol engines, depending on your needs.

Pick one of our available BMW reconditioned engine options. Our experts make sure each engine satisfies strict requirements. Searching for a different BMW? Why then wait? Our options are dependable and reasonably priced. Get in touch with us to discover the ideal BMW engine that won't break the bank.

BMW Engine Bay

BMW Common Engine Problems

BMW engines are known for their luxury, performance and reliability. However, they can encounter common issues just like any other daily life car. Here are some typical problems BMW engines face:

  • Oil Leaks: Frequent in older models. Often caused by worn-out gaskets.
  • Cooling System Failures: This can lead to engine overheating. Regular checks are essential.
  • Timing Chain Issues: Especially in N20 and N26 engines. Can cause severe engine damage.
  • Fuel Injector Problems: Often seen in N54 and N55 engines. Leads to misfires and poor fuel economy.
  • Electrical Issues: Such as faulty sensors and control modules. Affects overall engine performance.
  • Turbocharger Failures: Common in turbocharged models. Can cause loss of power and engine efficiency.

Reconditioned Engine for BMW

MOT Testing Station with BMWs

A reconditioned BMW engine can be a great option for those who don't have or want to spend a lot of money to buy a new engine. It involves a thorough restoration process to bring the engine back to its original condition.

Replacing worn-out parts with new or refurbished ones is part of the engine reconditioning process, which involves cleaning the entire engine. This guarantees the smooth and effective operation of the engine. Crucial parts like pistons, rings, and bearings are inspected and replaced during this procedure.

Reconditioning is a process that goes beyond simple part replacement. The engine will be disassembled, machined, and reassembled according to factory specifications. This procedure guarantees that the engine satisfies the initial performance requirements. When compared to the cost of a new engine, this solution is more economical.

Used BMW Engine for Sale

Are you trying to find a used BMW engine? A selection of top-notch used engines are available for purchase at our garage. We provide options for several models, such as the BMW M5 V10, the B58 engine, and the 2002 BMW Turbo.

You can save a lot of money by purchasing used BMW engines. They undergo meticulous inspection and dependability testing. We make sure you get the best value by offering engines with low mileage in our selection. We are aware of how crucial it is to match your car with the appropriate engine. We provide engines that are tailored to your requirements because of this.

BMW Engine Supply, Fitting and Delivery Options

Latest BMWs for MOT Testing

Our services don’t stop at just providing engines. We offer comprehensive engine fitting and delivery options. At our garage, we ensure your new engine is fitted correctly and efficiently.

Our delivery service covers the entire UK. Whether you need an engine for your BMW X1 or a classic BMW 2002 Tii Turbo, we’ve got you covered. Our team handles the entire process ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Affordable BMW Engine Price

We take great satisfaction in providing affordable prices. When compared to other suppliers, our reconditioned and used BMW engines are available with savings of up to 40%. We support offering high-quality products at reasonable costs.

We use competitive rates and online discounts in our pricing. Our goal is to make premium BMW engines available to everyone. To find out why we are the best place to get a reconditioned BMW engine, compare our prices to others and feel the difference.

Years of Expertise and 1-Year Warranty

We are a reputable name in the industry with years of experience working with BMW engines. Our highly qualified technical staff makes sure every engine satisfies the highest requirements.

All of our used and reconditioned BMW engines come with a one-year warranty from us. You can rest easy knowing that we stand behind the work we do thanks to this warranty. You can depend on us to get your BMW back on the road.

Get OEM Parts and Latest Technology

In our reconditioning procedure, we only use authentic BMW OEM components. This guarantees optimal performance from your engine. Because OEM parts are made especially for BMW engines, they are guaranteed to be durable and of high quality.

We also use state-of-the-art technology for reconditioning. Your engine will run smoothly and dependably thanks to this blend of cutting-edge technology and original equipment parts.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing us means choosing quality and reliability. Here’s why:

  • Expertise: Years of experience in reconditioning and repairing BMW engines.
  • Quality Parts: Only genuine BMW OEM parts are used.
  • Affordable Prices: Up to 40% discounts compared to other providers.
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty on all engines.
  • Comprehensive Services: From engine supply to fitting and delivery.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Excellent customer reviews and feedback.
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