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Specialists in BMW 4 Series Engines: Reliable and Affordable

Do you have any trouble with your BMW 4 Series engine? At Engine Build LTD, we offer a wide range of replacement BMW 4 Series engine services. Whether you need a reconditioning BMW 4 Series engine or a complete replacement engine, we have the solution. Our engines are suitable for all diesel and petrol BMW models, including the BMW 4 Series 420d and Gran Coupe.

We know and understand the importance of quality and reliability. Our reconditioned BMW 4 Series engines are thoroughly tested and inspected. We also offer used and second-hand engines with low mileage at affordable prices. Trust us for your BMW 4 Series engine needs.

Ready to get your BMW back on the road? With our expertise in 4 Series engines, we guarantee quality and satisfaction. Book online now for the best deals and lowest prices.

Common BMW 4 Series Engine Problems

The BMW 4 Series, known for its performance and luxury, sometimes faces engine issues. Common problems include:

  • Oil Leaks: Often found around the valve cover and oil filter housing.
  • Overheating: Caused by a failing water pump or thermostat.
  • Timing Chain Issues: This can lead to severe engine damage if not addressed.
  • Turbocharger Failures: Especially in the BMW 420d and 420i models.
  • Engine Misfires: Often due to faulty spark plugs or ignition coils.
  • Fuel System Problems: Issues like clogged fuel injectors or fuel pump failures.
  • Coolant Leaks: Usually from the radiator or hoses.
  • Carbon Buildup: Particularly in direct-injection engines.

Repair and Reconditioned Engine for Sale

At our garage, we offer professional reconditioned engines for all the BMW 4 Series models. Our reconditioned engines undergo thorough inspections. We replace worn parts with our genuine OEM components. This ensures optimal performance and reliability of the engine. Our skilled technicians have extensive experience with BMW engines. These specialities in BMW engines allow us to deliver high-quality reconditioned engines that meet your needs.

As a trusted garage, we also provide a warranty on all BMW reconditioned engines for peace of mind. Our reconditioned engines are cost-effective and environmentally friendly. We recycle and restore existing engines instead of manufacturing new ones. This reduces waste and saves resources. Choose our reconditioned engines for a reliable and sustainable solution.

Used Engine For Sale and Replacement

We also offer low mileage used BMW 4 Series engines for Sale. This is the more affordable option. Our used come with a 1-year warranty. This gives you confidence in your purchase from us. We have a wide selection of used engines available including the BMW 420i, 420d, and 430i models. Choose our used engines for a budget-friendly solution without compromising on quality.

Engine Supply, Fitting, and Delivery Services

We offer comprehensive engine services for BMW 4 Series owners. Our supply and fit service ensures that your engine is installed and fit correctly. Our specialists handle the entire installation process. This guarantees a perfect fit and optimal performance. We also offer a delivery service. This allows you to have your engine delivered to your desired location. Our delivery service is fast and reliable. We deliver engines UK wide.

Our fitting service includes all the necessary adjustments and calibrations. This ensures that your engine runs and operates smoothly. Trust our team for all your engine supply, fitting, and delivery needs.

Affordable Rates and Exclusive Online Up to 40% Discounts

We offer the cheapest and most competitive rates on all our BMW 4 Series engines and their service. Our prices are among the best in the market. We understand the importance of affordability. That’s why we offer exclusive online discounts. You can save up to 40% when you choose us. Our discounts are available for a limited time. So, don’t miss out on these great deals.

Years of Expertise and 1 Year Brand Warranty

Our technicians have years of experience in dealing with BMW engines. We have a deep understanding and knowledge about the BMW 4 Series. Our expertise ensures high-quality engine solutions. We are specialists in BMW engines. That means you can trust Engine Build LTD with your engine needs. We offer a 1-year brand warranty on all our engine services. This warranty covers any defects or issues that may arise.

Use OEM Parts and Latest Technology

We use only genuine OEM parts. This ensures the highest level of quality and compatibility in your BMW. Our parts are designed to fit your BMW 4 Series perfectly. It provides the optimal performance and longevity in BMW. We also use the latest technology and tools in our car engine processes. This includes advanced diagnostic and testing equipment. Our technology ensures precision and accuracy in every engine.

Why Should You Choose Engine Build LTD?

Choosing the right provider for your BMW 4 Series engine is crucial. Here are the reasons why you should choose us:

  • Expertise: Years of experience with BMW engines.
  • Quality: Use of genuine OEM parts and latest technology.
  • Warranty: 1-year brand warranty on all engines.
  • Affordability: Competitive prices and up to 40% online discounts.
  • Service: Comprehensive supply, fitting, and delivery services.
  • Selection: Wide range of reconditioned, remanufactured, and used engines.
  • Reliability: Thorough inspections and testing for all engines.
  • Customer Support: Our team is ready to assist with any needs.

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Don't wait to get the perfect engine for your BMW 4 Series. Visit our garage or just enter your reg number for a free quote. This will help you find the right engine for your vehicle. Select your BMW 4 Series model and explore our engine options. Whether you need a reconditioned, remanufactured, or used engine, we have the perfect solution. Our customer care team is always ready to assist you every step of the way. Book your engine solution today and experience the best in quality and service.

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